Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Training

Under a mandate of the Joint Commission of the Swiss Medical Schools

6. Discipline Related Objectives

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Further Knowledge

... physics of X-ray and types of radiation used

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 1   components of environmental radiation 1
C RN 2   basic physics of the X-ray process 1
C RN 3   production of radiation: generator, tube 1
C RN 4   types of radiation 1
C RN 5   radiation attenuation law 1
C RN 6   principles of X-ray detection 1

... physics of nuclear medicine

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 7   radio-isotopes and radio-tracers 1
C RN 8   physical / biological half-life in nuclear medicine 1
C RN 9   principles of gamma ray detection: scintigraphy, SPECT, PET 1

... principles of radio-oncology

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 10   natural tumor development, tumor classification and TNM principles 2
C RN 11   techniques in radio-oncology 1
C RN 12   treatment planning in radio-oncology 1

... risks from exposure to ionizing radiation

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 13   calculation of effective and organ dose in radiation 1
C RN 14   explaining risks of radiological imaging to patients 2G
C RN 15   exposure situations and associated radiation risks for population, individual person, health professional, patient 1G

... legislation on imaging data and radiation protection

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 16   legal regulations on imaging data 1
C RN 17   radiation protection law 1
C RN 18   practical X-ray protection 2G
C RN 19   administration of radioactive isotopes: radiation protection of patient and environment 1
C RN 20   personal protection and monitoring: dose limits, typical dose to staff, associated risks, precautions 1G

... conventional radiography

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 21   technical parameters of conventional radiography: scatter, contrast, viewing window, use of grids, X-ray detection 1
C RN 22   conventional radiographic examinations using contrast agents 1

... Computed Tomography (CT)

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 23   technical parameters of Computed Tomography (CT): detector, image generation, enhancement, Hounsfield units 1
C RN 24   CT-guided intervention (CT-fluoroscopy) 1
C RN 25   indications for Computed-Tomography 1

... Ultrasonography (US)

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 26   technical parameters of Ultrasonography (US): image formation, Doppler effect, probe 1
C RN 27   advantages and drawbacks of US versus other imaging modalities 2

... Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 28   technical parameters of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): magnetism, radiofrequency, relaxation time, signal characteristics of tissues 1
C RN 29   indications and contraindications, safety considerations of MRI 2

... special uses of radiology

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 30   interventional radiology: classification, indications and risks 1

... contrast media

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 31   contrast media: types, indications and contraindications 1
C RN 32   contrast media: adverse effects, prevention and treatment 2

... organ related radiopathology

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 33   conventional radiopathology of the lung: alveolar consolidation, interstitial disease, pulmonary nodules and masses 2G
C RN 34   conventional radiopathology of pleural, extra-pleural, mediastinal, hilar and chest wall conditions 2G
C RN 35   conventional radiopathology of bones and joints: osteoporosis, bone metastasis, osteomalacia, pseudarthrosis, osteoarthrosis deformans, loss of joint space 2G
C RN 36   conventional radiology of fractures of extremities: clavicle, shoulder, humerus, radius, ulna, wrist (distal radius), fingers, femur, knee, tibia, fibula, toes 2G
C RN 37   conventional radiology of the spine: compression fracture, scoliosis, kyphosis 2G

... practice of imaging procedures

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C RN 38   standard radiological exam of chest: performance 1G
C RN 39   standard radiological exam of extremities: performance 1G
C RN 40   abdominal ultrasonography (US): performance 1G
C RN 41   computed tomography (CT): performance 1
C RN 42   magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): performance 1