Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Training

Under a mandate of the Joint Commission of the Swiss Medical Schools

6. Discipline Related Objectives


Clinical Pictures

... psychiatry of childhood and adolescence

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 1   attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, ADHS) 1G
C PS 2   autism 1
C PS 3   learning disorders 2
C PS 4   mental retardation 1
C PS 5   tic disorders 1
C PS 6   psychic reaction of children to chronic disease 1G
C PS 7   depression in children 1
C PS 8   psychic reaction of children to parental divorce 1G
C PS 9   dyslexia 1
C PS 10   eating disorders in childhood 2
C PS 11   encopresis 1
C PS 12   mother-child relationship, disorders 1G
C PS 13   mutism 1
C PS 14   psychoses of the child and adolescent 1
C PS 15   psychosomatic disorders in children (non specific symptoms: abdominal pain, headache, fatigue) 1G
C PS 16   sleep-related problems in childhood 1
C PS 17   speech and language disorders in childhood, including stuttering 1

... organic mental disorders

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 18   dementia in Alzheimer's disease 2G
C PS 19   dementia, vascular (including multi-infarct dementia, subcortical dementia) 2G
C PS 20   dementia of frontal type 1
C PS 21   Lewy body dementia 1
C PS 22   dementia in neurological diseases 1
C PS 23   delirium 2DE
C PS 24   organic confusional state 2E
C PS 25   Wernicke-Korsakoff's encephalopathy, organic amnesic syndrome 2TE
C PS 26   organic hallucinosis 1
C PS 27   organic psychotic disorders 1
C PS 28   organic personality disorder 1
C PS 29   postconcussional syndrome 1

... psychoactive substance abuse

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 30   intoxication by psychotropic and illicit drugs (including heroin, cocaine, amphetamine) 2DTEG
C PS 31   alcohol intoxication 2DEG
C PS 32   psychoactive substances, harmful use and dependence syndromes 2DPG
C PS 33   withdrawal states 2DTEPG

... schizophrenia and related disorders

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 34   schizophrenia, paranoid, hebephrenic, catatonic, undifferentiated 2G
C PS 35   residual schizophrenia 1G
C PS 36   acute polymorphic psychotic disorders 1EG
C PS 37   induced delusional disorder (folie à deux) 1
C PS 38   schizoaffective disorders 1
C PS 39   postpartum psychosis 2

... mood disorders

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 40   manic episode 2DEG
C PS 41   mania with psychotic symptoms 1EG
C PS 42   depressive episode in adults 2DTEG
C PS 43   depression in adults with psychotic symptoms 1E
C PS 44   depression in adults with somatic symptoms 2EG
C PS 45   postpartum depression 2G
C PS 46   bipolar affective disorder in adults 2EG
C PS 47   recurrent depressive disorder in adults 2DEG
C PS 48   cyclothymia 1G
C PS 49   dysthymia 1G

... neurotic and related disorders

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 50   agoraphobia 2DEG
C PS 51   phobia, social 1
C PS 52   phobia, specific 1
C PS 53   panic disorder 2DEG
C PS 54   anxiety disorder, generalized 2DEG
C PS 55   obsessive-compulsive disorder 1
C PS 56   acute stress reaction 1
C PS 57   post-traumatic stress disorder / enduring personality changes after catastrophic experience 1
C PS 58   adjustment disorders 1
C PS 59   dissociative disorders 1
C PS 60   somatization disorder, somatoform autonomic dysfunction, somatoform pain disease 2G
C PS 61   hypochondrial disorder 1G
C PS 62   neurasthenia 1
C PS 63   depersonalization-derealization syndrome 1

... behavioral syndromes with somatic factors

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 64   anorexia nervosa 2DEG
C PS 65   bulimia nervosa 2DG
C PS 66   sleep disorder 2DTG
C PS 67   somnambulism, night terrors and nightmares (parasomnia) 1
C PS 68   sexual dysfunction 2
C PS 69   abuse of non-dependence-producing substances (antidepressants, laxatives, analgesics, antacids, vitamins, steroids or hormones, specific herbal or folk remedies) 2DEPG

... adult personality and behavioral disorders

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 70   paranoid personality disorder 1
C PS 71   schizoid personality disorder 1
C PS 72   dissocial personality disorder 1
C PS 73   emotionally unstable personality disorder, impulsive type 1
C PS 74   emotionally unstable personality disorder, borderline type 1
C PS 75   histrionic personality disorder 1
C PS 76   anankastic personality disorder 1
C PS 77   anxious personality disorder 1
C PS 78   dependent personality disorder 1
C PS 79   personality changes, enduring, after psychiatric illness 1
C PS 80   gambling, pathological 1
C PS 81   pyromania 1
C PS 82   kleptomania 1
C PS 83   trichotillomania 1
C PS 84   transsexualism 1
C PS 85   problems of sexual preference, gender identity disorder 1
C PS 86   factitious disorder (intentional feigning of physical or psychological signs and symptoms) 1
C PS 87   aggressive behavior 2DEPG
C PS 88   suicide 2DEPG

Further Knowledge

... psychiatry of childhood and adolescence

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 89   antisocial behavior in children 1
C PS 90   risk factors associated with suicide in childhood and adolescence 2E

... treatment

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 91   managing patients with aggressive or suicidal behavior 1G
C PS 92   non pharmacological somatic psychiatric treatment (light therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, sleep deprivation) 1
C PS 93   systemic, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy 1
C PS 94   side effects of psychotropic drugs 2DG

... legal aspects

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 95   coercive treatment, forced admission to hospital 2G
C PS 96   legal aspects of personality (Persönlichkeitsrechte, ZGB / Droits de la personnalité, CC) 1

... examination

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C PS 97   assessment of ability to judge (Urteilsfähigkeit / capacité de discernement) 1