Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Training

Under a mandate of the Joint Commission of the Swiss Medical Schools

6. Discipline Related Objectives


Clinical Pictures

... external ear

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 1   earwax, impacted 2DTG
C OT 2   exostosis, hyperostosis in external ear 1
C OT 3   foreign body in external auditory canal 2DEG
C OT 4   erysipelas of external ear 2D
C OT 5   otitis, external 2DTG
C OT 6   furunculosis of the external auditory canal 2DT
C OT 7   perichondritis of auricle 1
C OT 8   ear, laceration of, injury to external auditory canal 1E
C OT 9   ear, prominent auricle (bat ear, lop ear) 1

... middle ear

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 10   otitis media, acute, viral / bacterial 2DTG
C OT 11   otitis media, chronic, with effusion (glue ear) / with central perforation of tympanic membrane 2D
C OT 12   cholesteatoma 1
C OT 13   mastoid abscess / purulent otomastoiditis 1E
C OT 14   otogenic brain abscess 1
C OT 15   otogenic meningitis 2DEPG
C OT 16   thrombosis of lateral sinus from inflammation of middle ear 1
C OT 17   otosclerosis 1
C OT 18   barotrauma of middle ear 1E
C OT 19   Eustachien tube dysfunction 2DTG
C OT 20   traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane 1E

... inner ear and vestibular organ

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 21   acoustic trauma and noise-induced hearing loss 2DPG
C OT 22   ototoxic hearing loss 2DP
C OT 23   presbyacusis 2DG
C OT 24   acoustic neurinoma (vestibular schwannoma) 1
C OT 25   fracture of temporal bone (longitudinal / transverse) 1E
C OT 26   labyrinthitis 1
C OT 27   benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (cupulo- and canalolithiasis) 2G
C OT 28   Menière's disease 2DG
C OT 29   motion sickness (kinetosis) 2DT
C OT 30   vestibular function, sudden loss of (vestibular neuritis) 1EG

... nose, paranasal sinus, anterior skullbase

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 31   furuncle of the nose 2DT
C OT 32   nasal polyposis 2G
C OT 33   rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, acute 2DTG
C OT 34   rhino-conjunctivitis, allergic / rhinosinusitis, allergic 2DTPG
C OT 35   rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, chronic 1
C OT 36   basalioma, spinalioma, squamous cell carcinoma 2PG
C OT 37   epistaxis 2DTEG
C OT 38   fracture of the nasal pyramid 2
C OT 39   fractures of the facial cranium 1E
C OT 40   fracture of orbit (blow-out fracture) 1
C OT 41   choanal atresia 1
C OT 42   nasal septum, deviation 2G

... oral cavity, pharynx, hypopharynx

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 43   cheilitis angularis (Perlèche) 2DTG
C OT 44   gingivitis / periodontitis 1G
C OT 45   herpes labialis 2DTG
C OT 46   candidiasis, mouth / throat (thrush) 2DTG
C OT 47   stomatitis, herpetic 2T
C OT 48   leukoplakia, hairy of the border of the tongue in AIDS 1
C OT 49   abscess of the floor of the mouth (including of dental origin) 1
C OT 50   pressure sores from dental prostheses 1
C OT 51   stomatitis, recurrent aphthous 2DG
C OT 52   agranulocytotic angina 1
C OT 53   diphtheria, including diphteric croup 1EPG
C OT 54   mononucleosis, infectious 2DTG
C OT 55   pharyngitis, acute / chronic 2DTG
C OT 56   Plaut-Vincent angina (trench mouth), acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis 1
C OT 57   scarlet fever 2DTG
C OT 58   tonsillitis, streptococcal (including complications: glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever, chorea minor) 2DTG
C OT 59   peritonsillar abscess / retropharyngeal abscess 2DEG
C OT 60   tonsillogenic septicemia 1E
C OT 61   Bowen's disease 2
C OT 62   pharynx and oral cavity, tumors of 1
C OT 63   oral cavity and pharynx, thermal and caustic lesions of 1E
C OT 64   teeth, injuries to CSU40, CPE6] 2DEG
C OT 65   tongue bite / piercing of tongue 1E
C OT 66   traumatic lesions of the palate 1E
C OT 67   cleft lip, jaw, palate 1
C OT 68   tongue, norm variants of 1
C OT 69   dysgeusia / ageusia 1
C OT 70   foreign body in hypopharynx 1E
C OT 71   ranula (mucus retention cyst sublingual gland) 1
C OT 72   sleep apnea syndrome obstructive / central 2G

... salivary glands

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 73   mumps (epidemic parotitis) 2DPG
C OT 74   parotitis, marantic 1
C OT 75   parotitis, suppurative 1
C OT 76   sialolithiasis of salivary glands 1
C OT 77   pleomorphic adenoma (benign mixed tumor) and other benign tumors of salivary glands 1
C OT 78   tumors of salivary gland, malignant 1
C OT 79   Sjögren's disease (sicca syndrome with arthritis, LE, scleroderma) 1

... esophagus

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 80   diverticulum of esophagus (including Zenker's diverticulum) 1
C OT 81   esophageal varices 2
C OT 82   esophagus, injuries and perforations of 1
C OT 83   foreign body in esophagus 1E
C OT 84   esophagus, strictures of 1
C OT 85   esophageal rupture 1
C OT 86   esophagus, corrosive lesion (acid, base, stenosis) 2E

... cervico-facial region

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 87   midline / lateral branchial cysts / fistulas 1
C OT 88   enlarged cervical lymph nodes (inflammatory, metastasic) 1
C OT 89   cervico-facial tumors benign (including simple goiter) 1
C OT 90   peripheral palsy / paralysis of facial nerve (idiopathic, borreliosis, viral, traumatic, neoplastic) 2DG

... larynx, vocal cords, tracheo-bronchial system

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 91   epiglottitis 2DEPG
C OT 92   laryngitis acute 1G
C OT 93   laryngitis, chronic 1G
C OT 94   tracheitis, acute / chronic 2TG
C OT 95   viral croup (pseudocroup, laryngitis subglottica) 2DTEG
C OT 96   tracheomalacia 1
C OT 97   palsy of recurrent laryngeal nerve, unilateral / bilateral 1
C OT 98   vocal cord paralysis, neurologic syndromes causing it 1
C OT 99   laryngeal carcinoma, clinical symptoms of 2
C OT 100   tumors of the larynx 1
C OT 101   vocal cord and larynx: nodules / cysts / polyps / papillomas 1
C OT 102   foreign body aspiration (larynx, trachea and bronchi) 2DEPG
C OT 103   laryngeal trauma, external, blunt / sharp (with fractures of cartilage and structural displacements) 1E
C OT 104   larynx and trachea, thermal / corrosive injuries of 1E

Further Knowledge

... hearing disorders

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 105   hearing loss, congenital / acquired 1
C OT 106   hearing loss, conductive 2DG
C OT 107   hearing loss, sensory neural 2D
C OT 108   hearing loss, retrocochlear 1
C OT 109   hearing loss, central 1
C OT 110   hearing aid fitting 1
C OT 111   cochlea implantation 1

... vestibular dysfunction

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 112   definiton of vertigo and disequilibrium 1
C OT 113   nystagmus 1
C OT 114   vestibular ototoxicity 2
C OT 115   vestibular dysfunction, peripheral / central 2
C OT 116   vestibular compensation 1

... examination

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 117   ear microscopy 1
C OT 118   posterior rhinoscopy 1
C OT 119   testing of the act of swallowing 1
C OT 120   indirect pharyngo-laryngoscopy 1

... procedures

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OT 121   tympanometry and measurement of stapedius reflex 1
C OT 122   pure tone audiogram and speech audiometry 1
C OT 123   acoustic evoked potentials 1
C OT 124   induced nystagmus (rotation, optokinetic, caloric) 1
C OT 125   endoscopy of nasal cavity 1
C OT 126   endoscopy of pharynx 1
C OT 127   direct fiberoptic laryngoscopy 1
C OT 128   bronchoscopy 1
C OT 129   endoscopy of the esophagus 1
C OT 130   coniotomy 1
C OT 131   tracheotomy 1
C OT 132   tracheal intubation 1
C OT 133   emergency treatment of acute dyspnea in patients with tracheal canula 1G
C OT 134   anterior tamponade in nose 1G
C OT 135   treatment of hemorrhage after tonsillectomy 1
C OT 136   CPAP-ventilation 1G
C OT 137   fine needle aspiration for cytology 1G