Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Training

Under a mandate of the Joint Commission of the Swiss Medical Schools

6. Discipline Related Objectives


Clinical Pictures

... eyelids

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 1   blepharitis 2DG
C OP 2   chalazion 2DG
C OP 3   ectropion 2D
C OP 4   entropion 2D
C OP 5   epicanthus (eyelids) 2D
C OP 6   eyelid laceration 2D
C OP 7   eyelid tumor, e.g. basal cell carcinoma 2
C OP 8   hordeolum 2DG
C OP 9   lagophthalmos 2D
C OP 10   ptosis 2DG
C OP 11   trichiasis (eyelashes grow inwards) 2D
C OP 12   xanthelasma of eyelid 2D

... lacrimal apparatus

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 13   dacryocystitis 2D
C OP 14   dacryostenosis 1
C OP 15   lacrimal duct, laceration 1

... conjunctiva

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 16   conjunctiva, foreign body 2DTEG
C OP 17   conjunctivitis 2DTG
C OP 18   pterygium 2D
C OP 19   subconjunctival hemorrhage 2D

... cornea

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 20   burns of cornea by alkali / by acid / by heat 2DEG
C OP 21   cornea, foreign body 2DEG
C OP 22   cornea, superficial lesions of (actinic keratitis, erosion, contact lenses) 2DTEG
C OP 23   corneal edema 1
C OP 24   keratitis, keratitis with corneal ulcer 2D
C OP 25   keratitis, dendritic (herpes) 2D
C OP 26   kerato-conjunctivitis sicca 1G
C OP 27   keratoconus 1

... anterior chamber

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 28   hyphema (eyes) 2DE
C OP 29   hypopyon (eyes) 2DE

... lens

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 30   cataract in adults 2DG
C OP 31   lens dislocation 1
C OP 32   pseudophakia (artificial lens) 1

... iris and ciliary body

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 33   iridocyclitis, iritis 2DG

... vitreous fluid

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 34   vitreous hemorrhage (eye) 1

... retina

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 35   degeneration of macula (eye), age dependent 2G
C OP 36   hypertensive retinopathy 2
C OP 37   retina: vessel occlusion / bleeding 2
C OP 38   retinal detachment 2EG
C OP 39   retinoblastoma in children and adults 2
C OP 40   scleritis / episcleritis 1

... optic disc and optic nerve

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 41   optic disc cupping 2
C OP 42   optic nerve atrophy 1
C OP 43   optic neuropathy, e.g. optic neuritis 2
C OP 44   papilledema, e.g. increased intracranial pressure 2G

... choroid

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 45   chorioretinitis 1
C OP 46   choroid, neoplasms of (melanoma, metastases) 1

... eyeball

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 47   buphthalmos (hydrophthalmos) 1
C OP 48   contusion of eyeball 2DEG
C OP 49   endophthalmitis 2E
C OP 50   eyeball trauma: contusion / perforation / intraocular foreign body 2DEG

... orbit

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 51   fracture of orbit (blow-out fracture) 1
C OP 52   orbit, inflammation of / orbital cellulitis 2EG
C OP 53   tumor of orbit 1

... refraction and accommodation

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 54   astigmatism 1
C OP 55   hypermetropia (eyes) 2G
C OP 56   myopia 2G
C OP 57   presbyopia 2G

... vision and visual fields

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 58   amblyopia 2
C OP 59   hemianopsia, bitemporal / homonymous 2D
C OP 60   night-blindness 1
C OP 61   scotoma 2

... glaucoma

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 62   glaucoma, acute 2DEG
C OP 63   glaucoma, secondary 1
C OP 64   glaucoma, simple 2G

... squint

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 65   nystagmus 1
C OP 66   strabismus 1

... underlying diseases

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 67   eye disorders due to diabetes mellitus 2
C OP 68   eye disorders due to hyperthyroidism (Graves disease) 2

Further Knowledge

... examination

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 69   inspection lacrimal apparatus 1
C OP 70   assessment of binocular vision 1G
C OP 71   perimetry 1
C OP 72   slit-lamp examination of the eye 1
C OP 73   intra-ocular pressure, measurement by aplanation tonometer or non-contact-tonometer 1
C OP 74   assessment of refraction, subjective and objective (refractometry, keratometer) 1
C OP 75   screening test of visual acuity in infants and small children 1G
C OP 76   examination with Amsler panes 1

... procedures

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C OP 77   measurement of lacrimal production 1
C OP 78   removal of foreign body with swab (if necessary by eversion of upper eyelid) 1G
C OP 79   cornea, removal of foreign body and debris 1G
C OP 80   removal of contact lens from the eye 1G