Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Training

Under a mandate of the Joint Commission of the Swiss Medical Schools

6. Discipline Related Objectives

Forensic Medicine

Clinical Pictures

... dead body

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 1   death, possibility of sham death / apparent death (forensic aspects) 2D
C FM 2   death signs (livores / rigor / decomposition / time of death) 2DG
C FM 3   death, estimation of time of (by postmortem changes) 2G
C FM 4   death, (forensic) establishment of manner of death (accident / suicide / homicide / natural death / undetermined death) 1
C FM 5   autopsy, forensic indications for and duty of notification of death to police / to judge 2DG

... legal aspects of injury (StGB / CP)

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 6   classification of injury in law (mild injury / severe injury / intention / negligence) 1
C FM 7   abuse, maltreatment (Misshandlung / maltraitance) forensic aspects 2DG

... forensic traumatology

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 8   physical and biomechanical principles of injury 1
C FM 9   injury, self inflicted / mutilation, self-inflicted / second party-inflicted injury / accidental injury (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 10   trauma, blunt to the skin / to long bones / to head (forensic aspects) 2
C FM 11   shaken baby syndrome (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 12   injuries by sharp objects (forensic aspects) 1G
C FM 13   bite wounds (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 14   gun shots (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 15   asphyxia (forensic aspects) 2
C FM 16   strangulation, types of (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 17   aspiration and drowning (forensic aspects) 2
C FM 18   choking, death by (Bolustod / mort par bolus) (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 19   injury, thermal (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 20   electrical injury (forensic signs) 1
C FM 21   injuries (in traffic) of pedestrians (forensic aspects) 2
C FM 22   injuries (in traffic) of vehicle passengers (forensic aspects) 2

... death of a child

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 23   sudden infant death syndrome 1P
C FM 24   still-birth (forensic aspects) 1
C FM 25   battered child syndrome 1

... sexual offences

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 26   sexual abuse in child (forensic aspects) 2
C FM 27   sexual abuse in adult (forensic aspects) 2

... parentage testing

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 28   parentage, uncertain (forensic aspects) 2

... injuries due to chemical causes

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 29   intoxication by gases: CO, CO2, CN, H2S (forensic aspects) 2
C FM 30   intoxication by psychotropic and illicit drugs (including heroin, cocaine, amphetamine) 2DTEG
C FM 31   intoxication by cyanide 1
C FM 32   intoxication by plant poisons (including mushrooms) and by animal bites and stings 1
C FM 33   alcohol intoxication (forensic aspects) 2D

Further Knowledge

... professional duties and responsibities

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 34   abortion (legal apects) 1G
C FM 35   formal and legal pre-requisites of a medical certificate (Zeugnis / certificat) 2G
C FM 36   coercive treatment, forced admission to hospital 2G
C FM 37   legal aspects of personality (Persönlichkeitsrechte, ZGB / Droits de la personnalité, CC) 1
C FM 38   medical duties in emergencies 2G

... interference / injury due to chemical cause

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 39   metabolism of ethanol / blood level of ethanol 2D
C FM 40   pathways of poisons 1
C FM 41   principles of intoxication 1

... forensic traumatology

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 42   traffic injuries: biomechanics 1

... examination

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 43   establishing the cause and manner of death at the place of death 1G
C FM 44   examination of the eyes in dead body (double ectropination of the eyelids) 1
C FM 45   ano-genital examination in living person and dead body for forensic purposes 1
C FM 46   estimation of wound age in living person and dead body for forensic purposes 1
C FM 47   establishment of identity of dead persons in mass disaster 1
C FM 48   identification of dead body (establishment of identity of dead person) 1
C FM 49   legal external inspection of dead body (Legalinspektion / inspection légale) 1
C FM 50   external examination of dead body (Leichenschau / examen du cadavre) 1G
C FM 51   diagnosis of cerebral death 1
C FM 52   examination and documentation of wounds and echymoses in living person and dead body 1
C FM 53   investigation of battered children 1G
C FM 54   assessment of ability to judge (Urteilsfähigkeit / capacité de discernement) 1
C FM 55   assessment of current fitness to drive (Fahrfähigkeit / aptitude actuelle à conduire), e.g. under the influence of alcohol, drugs, disease or fatigue 1
C FM 56   assessment of aptitude to drive (Fahreignung / aptitude générale à conduire) including minimal medical standards for drivers 1G

... procedures

Objective ID   LevelDTEPG
C FM 57   sampling of blood and urine for toxicological analysis 1
C FM 58   collection of specimens from dead body and protection of biological evidence 1
C FM 59   sampling of vaginal-, anal- and skin-swabs for DNA-analysis 1
C FM 60   sampling of blood and buccal swabs for DNA-analysis 1